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IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
May/June 2007 (vol. 27 no. 3)
ISSN: 0272-1716
Table of Contents
About the Cover
Visualization Viewpoints
Special Section: 3D Cinema
Jonathan Starck, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK
Adrian Hilton, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK
pp. 21-31
Theme Survey
Takeo Kanade, Carnegie Mellon University
P.J. Narayanan, International Institute of Information Technology
pp. 32-40
Feature Articles
Jingshu Huang, Purdue University
Brian Bue, Purdue University
Avin Pattath, Purdue University
David S. Ebert, Purdue University
Krystal M. Thomas, US Air Force Research Laboratory Wright-Patterson AFB
pp. 48-56
Graphically Speaking
Sven Havemann, Graz University of Technology
Dieter W. Fellner, Darmstadt University of Technology and Fraunhofer IGD
pp. 70-76
Jim Blinn's Corner
Projects in VR
Yoshinori Dobashi, Hokkaido University
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, Hokkaido University
Makoto Sato, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Shoichi Hasegawa, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Mitsuaki Kato, The University of Tokyo
Tomoyuki Nishita, The University of Tokyo
pp. 90-92
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