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IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications
November/December 2006 (vol. 26 no. 6)
ISSN: 0272-1716
Table of Contents
Visualization Viewpoints
Bridging the gaps (Abstract)
J.J. van Wijk, Technische Universiteit, Eindhoven
pp. 6-9
Projects in VR
O.C. Jenkins, Brown Univ., Providence, RI
J.J. LaViola, Brown Univ., Providence, RI
L. Quirk, Brown Univ., Providence, RI
D. Ignatoff, Brown Univ., Providence, RI
M. Katzourin, Brown Univ., Providence, RI
pp. 15-19
Virtual and Augmented Reality Supported Simulators
About the Cover
Georgios Sakas, Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics
Ulrich Bockholt, Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics
pp. 22-23
Bernhard Reitinger, Graz University of Technology
Alexander Bornik, Graz University of Technology
Reinhard Beichel, Graz University of Technology
Dieter Schmalstieg, Graz University of Technology
pp. 36-47
Theme Survey
Pablo Lamata, Universidad Polit?cnica de Madrid
Enrique J. G?mez, Universidad Polit?cnica de Madrid
Roger L. Kneebone, Imperial College London
Rajesh Aggarwal, Imperial College London
F?lix Lamata, Hospital Cl?nico Universitario
pp. 69-79
Feature Article
Graphically Speaking
Jim Blinn's Corner
Tools and Products
2006 Annual Index
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