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Spectral 6DOF Registration of Noisy 3D Range Data with Partial Overlap
April 2013 (vol. 35 no. 4)
pp. 954-969
Heiko Bulow, Sch. of Eng. & Sci., Jacobs Univ. Bremen, Bremen, Germany
A. Birk, Sch. of Eng. & Sci., Jacobs Univ. Bremen, Bremen, Germany
We present Spectral Registration with Multilayer Resampling (SRMR) as a 6 Degrees Of Freedom (DOF) registration method for noisy 3D data with partial overlap. The algorithm is based on decoupling 3D rotation from 3D translation by a corresponding resampling process of the spectral magnitude of a 3D Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) calculation on discretized 3D range data. The registration of all 6DOF is then subsequently carried out with spectral registrations using Phase Only Matched Filtering (POMF). There are two main aspects for the fast and robust registration of Euler angles from spherical information in SRMR. First of all, there is the permanent use of phase matching. Second, based on the FFT on a discrete Cartesian grid, not only one spherical layer but also a complete stack of layers are processed in one step. Experiments are presented with challenging datasets with respect to interference and overlap. The results include the fast and robust registration of artificially transformed data for ground-truth comparison, scans from the Stanford Bunny dataset, high end 3D laser range finder (LRF) scans of a city center, and range data from a low-cost actuated LRF in a disaster response scenario.
Index Terms:
robot vision,fast Fourier transforms,image matching,image registration,laser ranging,matched filters,disaster response scenario,spectral 6DOF registration,noisy 3D range data,partial overlap,spectral registration with multilayer resampling,SRMR,6 DOF registration method,3D rotation decoupling,3D translation,3D fast Fourier transform calculation,3D FFT calculation,discretized 3D range data,phase only matched filtering,POMF,robust Euler angles registration,spherical information,phase matching,discrete Cartesian grid,robust artificially transformed data registration,ground-truth comparison,Stanford Bunny dataset,3D laser range finder scans,3D LRF scans,city center,low-cost actuated LRF,Frequency conversion,Robustness,Correlation,Robots,Interference,Noise measurement,Nonhomogeneous media,phase matching,3D scan matching,spectral registration
Heiko Bulow, A. Birk, "Spectral 6DOF Registration of Noisy 3D Range Data with Partial Overlap," IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, vol. 35, no. 4, pp. 954-969, April 2013, doi:10.1109/TPAMI.2012.173
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