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Location-Dependent Queries in Mobile Contexts: Distributed Processing Using Mobile Agents
August 2006 (vol. 5 no. 8)
pp. 1029-1043
With the current advances of mobile computing technology, we are witnessing an explosion in the development of applications that provide mobile users with a wide range of services. In this paper, we present a system that supports distributed processing of continuous location-dependent queries in mobile environments. The system that we propose presents the following main advantages: 1) it is a general solution for the processing of location-dependent queries in scenarios where not only the users issuing queries, but also other interesting objects can move; 2) it performs an efficient processing of these queries in a continuous way; 3) it is especially well adapted to environments where location data are distributed in a network and processing tasks can be performed in parallel, allowing a high scalability; and 4) it optimizes wireless communications. We use mobile agents to carry the processing tasks wherever they are needed. Thus, agents are in charge of tracking the location of interesting moving objects and refreshing the answer to a query efficiently. We evaluate the usefulness of the presented proposal showing that the system achieves a good precision and scales up well.

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Index Terms:
Distributed processing of continuous location queries, tracking moving objects, mobile agents.
Sergio Ilarri, Eduardo Mena, Arantza Illarramendi, "Location-Dependent Queries in Mobile Contexts: Distributed Processing Using Mobile Agents," IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, vol. 5, no. 8, pp. 1029-1043, Aug. 2006, doi:10.1109/TMC.2006.118
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