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Efficient Queries over Web Views
November/December 2002 (vol. 14 no. 6)
pp. 1280-1298

Abstract—Large Web sites are becoming repositories of structured information that can benefit from being viewed and queried as relational databases. However, querying these views efficiently requires new techniques. Data usually resides at a remote site and is organized as a set of related HTML documents, with network access being a primary cost factor in query evaluation. This cost can be reduced by exploiting the redundancy often found in site design. We use a simple data model, a subset of the Araneus data model, to describe the structure of a Web site. We augment the model with link and inclusion constraints that capture the redundancies in the site. We map relational views of a site to a navigational algebra and show how to use the constraints to rewrite algebraic expressions, reducing the number of network accesses. We show that similar techniques can be used to maintain materialized views over sets of HTML pages.

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Index Terms:
Web, query languages, query optimization, view maintenance.
Giansalvatore Mecca, Alberto O. Mendelzon, Paolo Merialdo, "Efficient Queries over Web Views," IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, vol. 14, no. 6, pp. 1280-1298, Nov.-Dec. 2002, doi:10.1109/TKDE.2002.1047768
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