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Multilevel Extendible Hashing: A File Structure for Very Large Databases
September 1991 (vol. 3 no. 3)
pp. 357-370

A dynamic hashing scheme based on extendible hashing is proposed whose directory can grow into a multilevel directory. The scheme is compared to the extendible hashing and the extendible hashing tree schemes. The simulation results reveal that the proposed scheme is superior than the other two with respect to directory space utilization, especially for files with nonuniform record distribution. This scheme can be easily extended to multikey file systems and also has good performance.

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Index Terms:
file structure; very large databases; multilevel directory; extendible hashing; extendible hashing tree; simulation results; directory space utilization; nonuniform record distribution; multikey file systems; database management systems; file organisation
D.H.C. Du, S.-R. Tong, "Multilevel Extendible Hashing: A File Structure for Very Large Databases," IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, vol. 3, no. 3, pp. 357-370, Sept. 1991, doi:10.1109/69.91065
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