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Optimal Information Dissemination in Star and Pancake Networks
December 1996 (vol. 7 no. 12)
pp. 1292-1300

Abstract—This paper presents a new decomposition technique for hierarchical Cayley graphs. This technique yields a very easy implementation of the divide and conquer paradigm for some problems on very complex architectures as the star graph or the pancake. As applications, we introduce algorithms for broadcasting and prefix-like operations that improve the best known bounds for these problems. We also give the first nontrivial optimal gossiping algorithms for these networks. In star-graphs and pancakes with N = n! processors, our algorithms take less than $\lceil {\rm log}\ N\rceil + 1.5n$ steps.

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Index Terms:
Interconnection networks, parallel computing, parallel architectures, communication algorithms, star graph, pancake graph, Cayley graphs, broadcast, gossip, parallel prefix.
Pascal Berthomé, Afonso Ferreira, Stéphane Perennes, "Optimal Information Dissemination in Star and Pancake Networks," IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, vol. 7, no. 12, pp. 1292-1300, Dec. 1996, doi:10.1109/71.553290
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