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Polymorphic Processor Arrays
May 1993 (vol. 4 no. 5)
pp. 490-506

Polymorphic processor arrays (PPAs), two-dimensional mesh-connected arrays ofprocessors in which each processor is equipped with a switch able to interconnect itsfour NEWS ports, are discussed. The main features of PPA are that it models a realisticclass of parallel computers, it supports the definition of high level programming models, it supports virtual parallelism, and it supports low complexity algorithms in a number ofapplication fields. Both the PPA computation model and the PPA programming model are presented. It is shown that the PPA computation model is realistic by relating it to thedesign of the polymorphic torus (PT) chip. It is also shown that the PPA programmingmodel is scalable by demonstrating that any algorithm having O(p) complexity on a virtual PPA of size square root m* square root m, has O(k p) complexity on a PPA of size square root n* square root n, with m k n and k integers. Some application algorithms in the area of numerical analysis and graph processing are presented.

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Index Terms:
Index Termspolymorphic processor arrays; mesh-connected arrays; PPA; parallel computers; low complexity algorithms; PPA programming model; computational complexity; multiprocessor interconnection networks; parallel architectures; parallel processing
M. Maresca, "Polymorphic Processor Arrays," IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, vol. 4, no. 5, pp. 490-506, May 1993, doi:10.1109/71.224213
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