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Heterogeneous Distributed Shared Memory
September 1992 (vol. 3 no. 5)
pp. 540-554
The design, implementation, and performance of heterogeneous distributed shared memory (HDSM) are studied. A prototype HDSM system that integrates very different types of hosts has been developed, and a number of applications of this system are reported. Experience shows that despite a number of difficulties in data conversion, HDSM is implementable with minimal loss in functional and performance transparency when compared to homogeneous DSM systems.

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Index Terms:
Index Termsheterogeneous distributed shared memory; data conversion; distributed memory systems; shared memory systems
S. Zhou, M. Stumm, K. Li, D. Wortman, "Heterogeneous Distributed Shared Memory," IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, vol. 3, no. 5, pp. 540-554, Sept. 1992, doi:10.1109/71.159038
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