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Low-Complexity Bit-Parallel Systolic Montgomery Multipliers for Special Classes of GF(2^m)
September 2005 (vol. 54 no. 9)
pp. 1061-1070
Recently, cryptographic applications based on finite fields have attracted much interest. This paper presents a transformation method to implement low-complexity Montgomery multipliers for all-one polynomials and trinomials. Using this method, we proposed a new bit-parallel systolic architecture for computing multiplications over GF(2^m). These new multipliers have a latency m+1 clock cycles and each cell incorporates at most one 2-input AND gate, two 2-input XOR gates, and four 1-bit latches. Moreover, these new multipliers are shown to exhibit significantly lower latency and circuit complexity than the related systolic multipliers and are highly appropriate for VLSI systems because of their regular interconnection pattern, modular structure, and fully inherent parallelism.

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Index Terms- Bit-parallel systolic multiplier, finite field, irreducible trinomial, montgomery multiplication, irreducible AOP.
"Low-Complexity Bit-Parallel Systolic Montgomery Multipliers for Special Classes of GF(2^m)," IEEE Transactions on Computers, vol. 54, no. 9, pp. 1061-1070, Sept. 2005, doi:10.1109/TC.2005.147
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