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Conditional Connectivity Measures for Large Multiprocessor Systems
February 1994 (vol. 43 no. 2)
pp. 218-222

Introduces a new measure of conditional connectivity for large regular graphs by requiring each vertex to have at least g good neighbors in the graph. Based on this requirement, the vertex connectivity for the n-dimensional cube is obtained, and the minimal sets of faulty nodes that disconnect the cube are characterized.

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Index Terms:
hypercube networks; multiprocessing systems; fault tolerant computing; conditional connectivity; large regular graphs; vertex connectivity; n-dimensional cube; multiprocessor systems; hypercube.
S. Latifi, M. Hegde, M. Naraghi-Pour, "Conditional Connectivity Measures for Large Multiprocessor Systems," IEEE Transactions on Computers, vol. 43, no. 2, pp. 218-222, Feb. 1994, doi:10.1109/12.262126
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