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Notes on Shuffle/Exchange Type Permutation Sets
July 1990 (vol. 39 no. 7)
pp. 962-965

Properties of some shuffle/exchange type permutation sets are studied from operational points of view. The permutation sets studied are Omega , Omega /sup -1/, Psi , L, and U; Omega and Omega /sup -1/ are, respectively, the omega and inverse omega permutation sets, Omega identical to ( Omega intersection Omega /sup -1/); and L and U are, respectively, the admissible lower and upper triangular permutation sets. Several intuitive operations are introduced. Based on these operations, important known results relating to these sets are readdressed. The recursive nature of the sets is also discussed.

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Index Terms:
shuffle/exchange type permutation sets; intuitive operations; multiprocessor interconnection networks.
S.-T. Huang, "Notes on Shuffle/Exchange Type Permutation Sets," IEEE Transactions on Computers, vol. 39, no. 7, pp. 962-965, July 1990, doi:10.1109/12.55699
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