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An Analytic Model of Printed Circuit Wiring Distributions
June 1989 (vol. 38 no. 6)
pp. 898-903
A description is given of a mathematical model of wire segment distribution on printed wiring boards. In this model segment, distributions are broken down into two components: net distributions and segment ratios. The net distribution is closely related to the CAD component placement process, whereas the segment ratio is closely related to the CAD net segmentation process. In most cases net dis

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Index Terms:
printed circuit; wiring distributions; printed wiring boards; net distributions; segment ratios; segment length; segment congestion; circuit layout; printed circuits; wiring.
D.C. Schmidt, "An Analytic Model of Printed Circuit Wiring Distributions," IEEE Transactions on Computers, vol. 38, no. 6, pp. 898-903, June 1989, doi:10.1109/12.24303
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