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Benchmark Synthesis Using the LRU Cache Hit Function
June 1988 (vol. 37 no. 6)
pp. 637-645
The LRU cache hit function is used as a general characterization of locality of reference to address the synthesis question of whether benchmarks can be created that have a required locality of reference. Several results are given that show circumstances under which this synthesis can or cannot be achieved. An additional characterization called the warm-start cache hit function is introduced an

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Index Terms:
benchmark synthesis; LRU cache hit function; locality of reference; warm-start cache hit function; computer testing; performance evaluation.
W.S. Wong, R.J.T. Morris, "Benchmark Synthesis Using the LRU Cache Hit Function," IEEE Transactions on Computers, vol. 37, no. 6, pp. 637-645, June 1988, doi:10.1109/12.2202
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