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E.A. Lamagna, Department of Computer Science and Experimental Statistics, University of Rhode Island
In this paper, we consider the size of combinational switching networks required to synthesize monotone Boolean functions using only operations from the functionally incomplete set of primitives {disjunction, conjunction}. A general methodology is developed which is used to derive Q(n log n) lower bounds on the size of monotone switching circuits for certain bilinear forms (including Toeplitz and circulant matrix-vector products, and Boolean convolution), certain routing networks (including cyclic and logical shifting), and sorting and merging. A homomorphic mapping technique is also given whereby the lower bounds derived on the sizes of monotone switching networks for Boolean functions can be extended to a larger class of problem domains.
Index Terms:
sorting, Bilinear form, combinational complexity, homomorphic mapping, merging, monotone increasing Boolean function, routing network, shifting
E.A. Lamagna, "The Complexity of Monotone Networks for Certain Bilinear Forms, Routing Problems, Sorting, and Merging," IEEE Transactions on Computers, vol. 28, no. 10, pp. 773-782, Oct. 1979, doi:10.1109/TC.1979.1675245
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