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IEEE Transactions on Computers
March 1975 (vol. 24 no. 3)
ISSN: 0018-9340
Table of Contents
S.S. Yau, Department of Computer Sciences and Electrical Engineering and the Biomedical Engineering Center, Northwestern University
pp. 233-242
O.H. Ibarra, Department of Computer Science, University of Minnesota
pp. 242-249
A.R. Meo, Politecnico of Torino and Istituto Elettrotecnico Nazionale G. Ferraris
pp. 258-280
D.H. Foley, Pattern Analysis and Recognition Corporation
pp. 281-289
M. Servit, Department of Computers, Electrotechnical Faculty, Czech Polytechnical Institute
pp. 305-310
J. Deverell, Hull College of Technology, Queen's Gardens
pp. 317-322
P.W. Baker, Department of Computer Science, School of Electrical Engineering, University of New South Wales
pp. 322-325
C.K. Yuen, Computer Center, Australian National University
pp. 325-329
R.J. Niederjohn, Department of Electrical Engineering, Marquette University
pp. 329-331
L.M. Biberman, Inst. for Defense Analyses
pp. 336
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