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IEEE Transactions on Computers
December 1974 (vol. 23 no. 12)
ISSN: 0018-9340
Table of Contents
Structure Automata (Abstract)
Y.A. Choueka, Department of Mathematics, University of Illinois
pp. 1218-1227
F.M. Brown, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Kentucky
pp. 1228-1237
K. Chakrabarti, Gesellschaft f?r Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung mbH
pp. 1238-1249
G. Locs, Central Research Institute for Physics
pp. 1257-1263
A. Rosenfeld, Computer Science Center, University of Maryland
pp. 1264-1269
M.A. Franklin, Department of Electrical Engineering, Washington University
pp. 1269-1276
T.J. Nelson, Electron Physics Laboratory, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Michigan
pp. 1277-1290
R.L. Sites, Computer Science Department, Stanford University
pp. 1299-1301
C.A. Rey, D?partement d'Informatique, Universite de Montreal
pp. 1306-1311
D.K. Banerji, Department of Computer Science, University of Ottawa
pp. 1315-1317
G.A. Anderson, Systems and Research Center, Honeywell, Inc.
pp. 1317-1320
D.K. Pradhan, Department of Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan
pp. 1320-1322
J.S. Weszka, Computer Science Center, University of Maryland
pp. 1322-1326
C.D. Latino, Department of Electrical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University
pp. 1326
D.C. Bossen, IBM Systems Development Division
pp. 1326-1327
D. Kroft, Canadian Development Division, Control Data Canada Ltd.
pp. 1327-1328
S.R. Kimbleton, Inform. Sci. Inst. Univ. of Southern California
pp. 1328-1329
R.E. Griswold, Dep. Comput. Sci. Univ. Arizona
pp. 1329
D.A. Michalopouos, Dep. Quantitative Methods and Comput. Sci. California State Univ.
pp. 1330
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