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C. Montangero, Istituto di Elaborazione dell'Informazione del C.N.R., Pisa, Italy, and with Istituto di Scienze dell'Informazione, University of Pisa
This paper illustrates an algorithm for finding a read-only memory (ROM) specification, optimal in the sense that it results in a minimum ROM bit dimension, starting with an instruction set description which employs acyclic directed graphs. The algorithm selects (by a tabular technique) a descriptive graph subset, shown to be sufficient; then it performs a heuristically guided search among possible solutions generated by the graphs in the subset. The algorithm works for instructions which are such that a microevent occurs at most once in a single instruction; some results apply to the general case as well.
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Balanced row, compatibility class, level assignment, prime descriptive graphs, prime dominance table, ROM specification.
C. Montangero, "An Approach to the Optimal Specification of Read-Only Memories in Microprogrammed Digital Computers," IEEE Transactions on Computers, vol. 23, no. 4, pp. 375-389, April 1974, doi:10.1109/T-C.1974.223953
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