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IEEE Transactions on Computers
November 1972 (vol. 21 no. 11)
ISSN: 0018-9340
Table of Contents
S.H. Fuller, Departments of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Carnegie-Mellon University
pp. 1153-1165
D. Degryse, Laboratoire de la Communication parl?e et de l'Instrumentation de mesures, ?cole Nationale Sup?rieure d'?lectronique et de Radioelectricite
pp. 1165-1168
C.V. Ramamoorthy, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of California
pp. 1169-1183
S.M. Reddy, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Iowa
pp. 1183-1188
T. Takaoka, Electrical Communication Laboratories, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation
pp. 1189-1196
S.-I. Amari, Department of Mathematical Engineering and Instrumentation Physics, University of Tokyo
pp. 1197-1206
G.N. Govindan, Departmnent of Electrical Engineering, South Dakota State University
pp. 1216-1219
J. Sklansky, School of Engineering, University of California
pp. 1233-1239
S.R. Das, Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Ottawa
pp. 1239-1246
Contributors (PDF)
pp. 1248-1249
E.R. McLean, Grad. School Management Univ. California
pp. 1251-1252
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