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A Realizable Model for Stochastic Sequential Machines
February 1971 (vol. 20 no. 2)
pp. 199-204
A new model for stochastic sequential machines is introduced. This model consists of a deterministic Mealy-type synchronous sequential machine some of whose inputs are random number generators while the outputs of another set of random number generators are used to perturb the output function of the deterministic Mealy machine. Thus this model is physically realizable in terms of random number generators, logic and memory elements. It is shown that this model and the Shannon model of a stochastic sequential machine are coextensive and a procedure is given, through a proof of this result, for obtaining one from the other. The model given here is then compared with the realizable model introduced by Nieh and Carlyle [1] and it is shown that their model and ours may be realized with identical random number generators for the case of input-state calculable stochastic sequential machines.
Index Terms:
Mealy machine, random disturbances, realizable model, Shannon model, stochastic sequential machine.
S.E. Gelenbe, "A Realizable Model for Stochastic Sequential Machines," IEEE Transactions on Computers, vol. 20, no. 2, pp. 199-204, Feb. 1971, doi:10.1109/T-C.1971.223211
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