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P.K. Sinha Roy, Dept. of Physics and Telecommunication Bengal Engineering Dollege
Recently, Fischler and Tannenbaum2indicated a counter example to Theorem 2 of this author's short note.1Theorem 2 (as well as the other theorems in the note) is a statement of the sufficiency conditions only. This means that if the conditions given in Theorem 2 are satisfied, then it is always possible to find a minimal realization for five positive transitions. It does not say that if the conditions given in Theorem 2 are not fulfilled, it is not possible to obtain such a network. The counterexample is such a case. The author regrets the use of the phrase "necessary and sufficient conditions" in the abstract and elsewhere in the note.1This should be read as "sufficient conditions only."
P.K. Sinha Roy, "Further Comments on "Synthesis of Symmetric Switching Functions Using Threshold Logic Networks"1," IEEE Transactions on Computers, vol. 17, no. 9, pp. 899-900, Sept. 1968, doi:10.1109/TC.1968.229117
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