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  • IEEE Workshop on Biomedical Image Analysis
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IEEE Workshop on Biomedical Image Analysis
Santa Barbara, California
June 26-June 27
ISBN: 0-8186-8460-7
Table of Contents
Preface (PDF)
pp. viii
Session IA: Image Segmentation
Session IIA: Variational Splines
Session IIIA: Image Segmentation and Representation
Session IB: Boundary Detection
Session IIB: Motion Tracking and Matching
Session IIIB: Applications
Leonid V. Tsap, University of South Florida
Dmitry B. Goldgof, University of South Florida
Sudeep Sarkar, University of South Florida
Pauline S. Powers, University of South Florida
pp. 193
Wei Zhang, Rutgers University
Sven Dickinson, Rutgers University
Jacob Feldman, Rutgers University
Stanley Dunn, Rutgers University
Stanley Sclaroff, Boston University
pp. 221
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