Orlando, Florida
Mar. 24, 2002 to Mar. 28, 2002
ISBN: 0-7695-1492-8
pp: 287
Wayne Piekarski , University of South Australia
Bruce H. Thomas , University of South Australia
This paper presents a unified user interface technology, using 3D interaction techniques, constructive solid geometry, and a glove based menuing system, known as Tinmith-Hand, to support mobile outdoor augmented reality applications and indoor virtual reality applications. Tinmith-Hand uses similar concepts for both domains so that AR and VR applications are consistent and simple to use. The future goal of this user interface is to allow collaboration between outdoor AR and indoor VR systems.
Augmented Reality, User Interface, Virtual Reality
Wayne Piekarski, Bruce H. Thomas, "Tinmith-Hand: Unified User Interface Technology for Mobile Outdoor Augmented Reality and Indoor Virtual Reality", VR, 2002, Virtual Reality Conference, IEEE, Virtual Reality Conference, IEEE 2002, pp. 287, doi:10.1109/VR.2002.996542