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IEEE Virtual Reality Conference 2002 (VR 2002)
Desk-sized Immersive Workplace Using Force Feedback Grid Interface
Orlando, Florida
March 24-March 28
ISBN: 0-7695-1492-8
Toshio Yamada, Telecommunications Advancement Organization
Tetsuro Ogi, Telecommunications Advancement Organization
Daisuke Tsubouchi, Keio University
Michitaka Hirose, University of Tokyo
When a three-dimensional object is designed in the virtual world, it is essential that the designer can observe and manipulate the object directly in three-dimensional space. The aim of our study is to develop a virtual workplace in which three-dimensional virtual objects can be observed from various directions, and can be touched directly by utilizing force feedback. In this paper, we propose a 3D modelling system that consists of an inclined three-screen display and a force feedback device. Using this system, we propose a force feedback grid that extends the concept of 2D CAD manipulation to a grid that can be used in three-dimensional space, and which integrates with force feedback in order to support modelling in three-dimensional space. Finally, we report the results of an experiment that we conducted in order to verify the effectiveness of the force feedback grid.
Index Terms:
haptics, force feedback grid, virtual workplace, IPT
Toshio Yamada, Tetsuro Ogi, Daisuke Tsubouchi, Michitaka Hirose, "Desk-sized Immersive Workplace Using Force Feedback Grid Interface," vr, pp.135, IEEE Virtual Reality Conference 2002 (VR 2002), 2002
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