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IEEE Virtual Reality Conference 2001 (VR 2001)
Construction of an Open Geometry Server for Client-Server Virtual Environments
Yokohama, Japan
March 13-March 17
ISBN: 0-7695-0948-7
Chris Faisstnauer, Vienna University of Technology
Werner Purgathofer, Vienna University of Technology
Michael Gervautz, Imagination, Vienna
Jean-Dominique Gascuel, Imagis, Grenoble
The client-server archietecture is widely used in the construction of virtual environments, because it allows to provide specific services to the connected clients and perform management tasks such as reducing the network load by performing message filtering. The majority of the client-server systems are incompatible between each other both in terms of hardware and software; especially the different communication protcols make a cooperation between the various systems difficult. This paper guides through the construction and implementation of a server that consists of clearly distinct components, developed to reflect a reference model for a generic and open client-server system. This server, employed in the PAVR-network, allows not only to link incompatible clients and applications in to a common environment without much effort, but the detailed description of its implementation can provide a valuable help to whoever undertakes the task to code such systems.
Chris Faisstnauer, Werner Purgathofer, Michael Gervautz, Jean-Dominique Gascuel, "Construction of an Open Geometry Server for Client-Server Virtual Environments," vr, pp.105, IEEE Virtual Reality Conference 2001 (VR 2001), 2001
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