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IEEE Virtual Reality Conference 2001 (VR 2001)
VR Juggler: A Virtual Platform for Virtual Reality Application Development
Yokohama, Japan
March 13-March 17
ISBN: 0-7695-0948-7
Allen Bierbaum, Iowa State University
Christopher Just, Iowa State University
Patrick Hartling, Iowa State University
Kevin Meinert, Iowa State University
Albert Baker, Iowa State University
Carolina Cruz-Neira, Iowa State University
Today, scientists and engineers are exploring advanced applications and uses of immersive systems that can be cost-effectively applied in their fields. However, one of the impediments of the wide-spread use of these technologies is the extensive technical expertise required of application developers. A software environment that provides abstractions from specific details of hardware configurations and low-level software tools is needed to provide a common base for the prototyping, development, testing and debugging of applications. This paper describes VR Juggler, a virtual platform for the creation and execution of immersive applications, that provides a virtual reality system-independent operating environment. We will focus on the approach taken to specify, design, and implement VR Juggler and the benefits derived from our approach.
Allen Bierbaum, Christopher Just, Patrick Hartling, Kevin Meinert, Albert Baker, Carolina Cruz-Neira, "VR Juggler: A Virtual Platform for Virtual Reality Application Development," vr, pp.89, IEEE Virtual Reality Conference 2001 (VR 2001), 2001
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