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IEEE Virtual Reality Conference 2001 (VR 2001)
Distributed Virtual Reality Using Octopus
Yokohama, Japan
March 13-March 17
ISBN: 0-7695-0948-7
Patrick Hartling, Virtual Reality Applications Center (VRAC)
Chris Just, Virtual Reality Applications Center (VRAC)
Carolina Cruz-Neira, Virtual Reality Applications Center (VRAC)
With the widespread popularity of the Internet and advances in distributed computing and in virtual reality, more flexibility is needed in the development and use of collaborative virtual environments. In this paper, we present Octopus, a cross-platform, object-oriented API for constructing shared virtual worlds. The list of goals for Octopus, a description of its design, and a detailed discussion of its implementation are provided. The design description gives explanations of the three components of Octopus: the core that handles networking and data sharing, the interface for implementing user representations in the virtual space (avatars), and the actual implementations of avatars.
Patrick Hartling, Chris Just, Carolina Cruz-Neira, "Distributed Virtual Reality Using Octopus," vr, pp.53, IEEE Virtual Reality Conference 2001 (VR 2001), 2001
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