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VHDL International Users Forum Fall Workshop (VIUF'00)
Orlando, Florida
October 18-October 20
ISBN: 0-7695-0890-1
Table of Contents
Session 1: The System View
V. Madisetti, VP Technologies, Inc.
Y-K. Jung, VP Technologies, Inc.
M. Khan, VP Technologies, Inc.
J. Kim, VP Technologies, Inc.
T. Finnessy, US Air Force Research Laboratory
pp. 7
Session 2: System Design Approaches
Session 3: Language Extensions
Wolfgang Ecker, Infineon Technologies
Andre Windisch, Infineon Technologies
Jochen Mades, Infineon Technologies
Thomas Schneider, Infineon Technologies
Ke Yang, Infineon Technologies
pp. 59
Session 5: XML in the VHDL Environment
Mohammad Hossein Reshadi, University of Tehran
Bita Gorji-Ara, University of Tehran
Zainalabedin Navabi, Northeastern University
pp. 69
T. Karayiannis, University of York
J. Mades, Technical University of Darmstadt
T. Schneider, Technical University of Darmstadt
A. Windisch, Technical University of Chemnitz
W. Ecker, Infineon Technologies
pp. 83
Session 6: A Procedural Interface for VHDL
Session 8: Novel VHDL Application
M. Cirstea, De Montfort University
A. Aounis, De Montfort University
M. McCormick, De Montfort University
P. Urwin, De Montfort University
L. Haydock, Newage International Ltd
pp. 113
Marcian Cirstea, De Montfort University
Andrei Dinu, De Montfort University
Malcolm McCormick, De Montfort University
Dan Nicula, Transilvania University of Brasov
pp. 118
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