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  • 13th TRON Project International Symposium
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13th TRON Project International Symposium
Tokyo, JAPAN
December 04-December 07
ISBN: 0-8186-7658-2
Table of Contents
Keynote Address
Project Updates
Technical Session I - ITRON and CTRON
Susumu Minami, NTT Software Corporation
Ichizo Kogiku, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Akiko Fukuya, Hitachi Software Engineering Co.,Ltd
Hideyuki Matsuda, Fujitsu Limited
pp. 38
Technical Session II - Digital Museum
Technical Session III - BTRON
H. Watanabe, Seiko Instruments Inc.
N. Sasaki, Seiko Instruments Inc.
K. Tanigawa, Seiko Instruments Inc.
Y. Kanamori, Seiko Instruments Inc.
pp. 95
Panel Session
Enableware (TEPS)
Tutorial Session I
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