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Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics (2004)
Bournemouth, United Kingdom
June 8, 2004 to June 10, 2004
ISBN: 0-7695-2137-1
pp. viii
Parallel Session 1: Data Visualization
Anthony Steed , University College London
Salvatore Spinello , Universit? Bordeaux
Ben Croxford , University College London
Richard Milton , University College London
pp. 9-16
Parallel Session 2: Work-in-Progress
Benjamin Blundell , Manchester University
Steve Pettifer , Manchester University
pp. 18-23
Robert Noble , Robert Gordon University
Kefeng Zhang , Robert Gordon University
Roger McDermott , Robert Gordon University
pp. 24-31
Marcelo Cohen , University of Leeds
Ken Brodlie , University of Leeds
pp. 32-39
Parallel Session 3: Virtual Applications
Philip Willis , University of Bath
pp. 42-49
Richard Holbrey , University of Leeds
Andrew Bulpitt , University of Leeds
Ken Brodlie , University of Leeds
Mark Walkley , University of Leeds
Julian Scott , University of Leeds
pp. 50-58
Parallel Session 4: Work-in-Progress
David Brayford , University of Manchester
W.T. Hewitt , University of Manchester
pp. 60-65
Russell Broughton , University of Manchester
Toby Howard , University of Manchester
pp. 66-70
P.F. Lister , University of Sussex
P.L. Watten , University of Sussex
M.R. Lewis , University of Sussex
P.F. Newbury , University of Sussex
M. White , University of Sussex
M.C. Bassett , University of Sussex
B.J.C. Jackson , University of Sussex
V. Trignano , University of Sussex
pp. 71-76
Parallel Session 5: Virtual Environments I
A.Z. Sampaio , Technical University of Lisbon
P.G. Henriques , Technical University of Lisbon
P.S. Ferreira , Technical University of Lisbon
pp. 78-85
Martin White , University of Sussex
Fotis Liarokapis , University of Sussex
Nicholaos Mourkoussis , University of Sussex
Anirban Basu , University of Sussex
Joe Darcy , University of Sussex
Panagiotis Petridis , University of Sussex
Maria Sifniotis , University of Sussex
Paul Lister , University of Sussex
pp. 94-101
Parallel Session 6: Virtual Environments II
Nicolas Gaborit , University of Manchester
Toby Howard , University of Manchester
pp. 104-111
Huibo Li , University of Teesside
Wen Tang , University of Teesside
Derek Simpson , University of Teesside
pp. 112-118
Parallel Session 7: Animation and Interfaces
David Oziem , University of Bristol
Lisa Gralewski , University of Bristol
Neill Campbell , University of Bristol
Colin Dalton , University of Bristol
David Gibson , University of Bristol
Barry Thomas , University of Bristol
pp. 120-127
Laurent Cozic , Middlesex University
Stephen Boyd Davis , Middlesex University
Huw Jones , Middlesex University
pp. 135-142
Parallel Session 8: Rendering I
Wang-Yeh Lee , National Chiao Tung University
Jung-Hong Chuang , National Chiao Tung University
pp. 144-151
Michael Braitmaier , University of Stuttgart
Joachim Diepstraten , University of Stuttgart
Thomas Ertl , University of Stuttgart
pp. 152-159
Parallel Session 9: Modelling and Imaging I
A. S. Mian , University of Western Australia
M. Bennamoun , University of Western Australia
R. A. Owens , University of Western Australia
pp. 162-166
Parallel Session 10: Rendering II
Takehiro Tawara , MPI Informatik Saarbruecken
Karol Myszkowski , MPI Informatik Saarbruecken
Hans-Peter Seidel , MPI Informatik Saarbruecken
pp. 174-178
Parallel Session 11: Modeling and Imaging II
Mike Eissele , University of Stuttgart
Daniel Weiskopf , University of Stuttgart
Thomas Ertl , University of Stuttgart
pp. 188-195
Peter Longhurst , University of Bristol
Alan Chalmers , University of Bristol
pp. 196-202
Parallel Session 12: Rendering III
Force Mapping (Abstract)
Jian Chang , Bournemouth University
Jian J. Zhang , Bournemouth University
pp. 204-210
Frutuoso G. M. Silva , University of Beira Interior - Portugal
Abel J. P. Gomes , University of Beira Interior - Portugal
pp. 211-218
D. Porquet , University of Limoges
D. Ghazanfarpour , University of Limoges
J.M. Dischler , University of Strasbourg
pp. 219-225
Keynote (PDF)
John Vince , Bournemouth University
pp. ix-x
Author Index
Author Index (PDF)
pp. 233
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