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Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics 2003
University of Birmingham, UK
June 03-June 05
ISBN: 0-7695-1942-3
Table of Contents
Images and Display
Paul M. Phillips, The University of Edinburgh
Gordon Watson, The University of Edinburgh
pp. 8
Information Visualization
Guido Reina, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Sven Lange-Last, IBM Research Germany
Klaus Engel, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Thomas Ertl, University of Stuttgart, Germany
pp. 26
Kresimir Matkovic, VRVis Reserach Center
Johannes Siglaer, Vienna University of Technology
Martin Kompast, Vienna University of Technology
Thomas Psik, Vienna University of Technology
Ina Wagner, Vienna University of Technology
pp. 34
Z. Ben Fredj, Oxford Brookes University
D.A. Duce, Oxford Brookes University
pp. 49
Natural Environments and Facial Animation
Bedrich Benes, ITESM Campus Ciudad de M?xico
Javier Abdul Cord?, ITESM Campus Estado de M?xico
Juan Miguel Soto, ITESM Campus Estado de M?xico
pp. 58
Rendering and Modelling
Virtual Worlds
Neil R. Watson, University of Manchester
Nigel W. John, University of Manchester
William J. Crowther, University of Manchester
pp. 130
T. R. Wan, University of Bradford
H. Chen, University of Bradford
R Earnshaw, University of Bradford
pp. 138
Wen Tang, University of Teesside
Tao Ruan Wan, University of Bradford
Sanket Patel, University of Teesside
pp. 146
A. Steed, University College London
D. Alexander, University College London
P. Cook, University College London
C. Parker, University College London
pp. 156
Work In Progress
Ann Smith, University of Wales Swansea
Min Chen, University of Wales Swansea
Mike Webster, University of Wales Swansea
pp. 178
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