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2013 IEEE Security and Privacy Workshops
Preventive Inference Control in Data-centric Business Models
San Francisco, CA, USA USA
May 23-May 24
ISBN: 978-1-4799-0458-7
Inference control is a modern topic in data usage management, especially in the context of data-centric business models. However, it is generally not well understood how protection mechanisms could be designed to protect the users. The contributions of this paper are threefold: firstly, it describes the inference problem and relate it to protection mechanisms; secondly, it reports on a simple mechanism to provide a-priori inference protection; thirdly, it discusses on the drawbacks of sucha mechanism, as well as on the acceptance it had on a preliminary, controlled field study. In particular, the study shows that, contrary to our expectations, participants prefer an a-posteriori approach based upon audits to detect whether inferences happened.
Index Terms:
Preventive inference control; Data usage management; Data privacy
Rafael Accorsi, Guenter Mueller, "Preventive Inference Control in Data-centric Business Models," spw, pp.28-33, 2013 IEEE Security and Privacy Workshops, 2013
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