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1991 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy
Oakland, CA
May 20-May 22
ISBN: 0-8186-2168-0
Table of Contents
Covert Channels I: Chair: D. Kemmerer
Covert Chanels II - Chair: P. Neumann
Models - Chair: J. Jacob
Distributed Systems - Chair: S. Lipner
Protocol Verification - Chair: J. McLean
Policy - Chair: E. Boebert
Ed Amoroso, AT&T Bell Laboratories
Thu Nguyen, AT&T Bell Laboratories
Jon Weiss, AT&T Bell Laboratories
John Watson, GE Aerospace
Pete Lapiska, GE Aerospace
Terry Starr, GE Aerospace
pp. 198
Authentication - Chair: C. Meadows
Database Security - Chair: C. Garvey
Intrusion Detection - Chair: T. Lunt
Information Theory - Chair: J. Millen
Information Theory in Computer Security
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