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1985 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy
Oakland, CA
April 22-April 24
ISBN: 0-8186-0629-0
Table of Contents
Structuring Systems for Formal Verification
Richard B. Neely, Ford Aerospace and Communications Corporation
James W. Freeman, Ford Aerospace and Communications Corporation
pp. 2
Verification Tools
John McHugh, Research Triangle Institute
Donald L. Good, University of Texas
pp. 46
Network Policies
Stephen T. Walker, Trusted Information Systems, lnc.
pp. 62
DoD Trusted Computer Systems Evaulation Criteria
Panel Session: Putting the Criteria to Work in Complex System Developments
Applications of Cryptography
Robert W. Baldwin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Wayne C. Gramlich, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
pp. 92
Cryptographic Algorithms
Tatsuski Okamoto, Yokosuka Electrical Communication Laboratory
Akira Shibaishi, Yokosuka Electrical Communication Laboratory
pp. 123
Database Security
Gultekin Ozsoyoglu, Case Western Reserve University
Tzong-An Su, Case Western Reserve University
pp. 160
Operating Systems Mechanisms
W.E. Boebert, Honeywell Secure Computing Technology
R.Y. Kaln, University of Minnesota
W.D. Young, University of Texas
S.A. Hansohn, S.A. Hansohn
pp. 176
Kishore Swaminathan, Motorola Inc. and University of Massachusetts
pp. 190
Security Policies I
Security Policies II
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