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2013 International Conference on Social Intelligence and Technology
From Data to Human Behaviour
State College, PA, USA USA
May 08-May 10
ISBN: 978-1-4799-0045-9
The main goal of the paper is to present how the data-driven approach to social network analysis enables various applications of knowledge about human behaviour. Three main illustrative application domains are pointed out and briefly analysed: social recommender systems in online multimedia publishing services, assessment of organisational structures in companies and social group evolution in blogosphere. Selected relevant models and methods like multi-layered (multidimensional) social networks, structural measures aggregation or change detection in groups are exposed as useful research approaches.
Index Terms:
data analysis,Social Network Analysis,SNA,human behaviour,recommender system,organisational structures,blogosphere,multidimensional social network,multi-layered social network,social community,GED,group evolution discovery
Przemyslaw Kazienko, Tomasz Kajdanowicz, Radoslaw Michalski, Piotr Brodka, "From Data to Human Behaviour," society, pp.100-108, 2013 International Conference on Social Intelligence and Technology, 2013
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