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2010 6th World Congress on Services
Enabling Integrated Information Framework as Cloud Services for Chemical and Petroleum Industry
Miami, Florida
July 05-July 10
ISBN: 978-0-7695-4129-7
Business agility is of vital importance to chemical and petroleum industry, especially in rapid response to diagnose and exchange of real-time information and other relevant data sources. From IT perspective, emerging delivery models such as cloud computing offer the possibility to build the elastic infrastructure and flexible computing platform, thus enable enterprises to focus on their core competences. In this paper we investigate how the new delivery models of cloud service achieve the improvement of the efficiency by means of Integrated Information Framework (IIF) of chemical and petroleum. In infrastructural level, the capabilities and implementation mechanism of cloud based IIF solution lifecycle management are presented. Based on such management foundation, a business process environment delivered in Platform-as-a-Service business model is provided for rapid development of business agility. Finally, IIF in public and enterprise SaaS models to enable the chemical and petroleum value chain and service market is discussed. This paper demonstrates how the cloud computing technologies and architecture patterns significantly enhance the capability and agility of not only chemical and petroleum using IIF, but also the enterprise with similar requirements, business models and IT architectures in other industries.
Index Terms:
Cloud Computing, Elastic Intrastructure, Platform-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service, Chemical and Petroleum
Yu Chen Zhou, Xi Ning Wang, Xin Peng Liu, Liang Xue, Shuang Liang, Chang Hua Sun, "Enabling Integrated Information Framework as Cloud Services for Chemical and Petroleum Industry," services, pp.1-7, 2010 6th World Congress on Services, 2010
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