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  • Fourth IEEE International Symposium on Requirements Engineering (RE'99)
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Fourth IEEE International Symposium on Requirements Engineering (RE'99)
Limerick, Ireland
June 07-June 11
ISBN: 0-7695-0188-5
Table of Contents
Keynote Address 1
Session 2A: Minitutorial
Session 2B: Social Requirements Engineering
Barry Boehm, University of Southern California
Marwan Abi-Antoun, University of Southern California
Dan Port, University of Southern California
Julie Kwan, University of Southern California
Anne Lynch, University of Southern California
pp. 14
Session 3A: Minitutorial
Session 3B: Panel
Session 4A: Use Cases
C. Ben Achour, Universit? Paris 1
C. Rolland, Universit? Paris 1
C. Souveyet, Universit? Paris 1
N.A.M. Maiden, City University of Northampton Square London
pp. 36
Keynote Address 2
Session 6A: Scenarios I
Session 6B: Viewpoints
Tim Menzies, NASA/WVU Software Research Lab
Steve Easterbrook, Institute for Software Research
Bashar Nuseibeh, Imperial College, London
Sam Waugh, Defence Science & Technology Organisation
pp. 100
Session 7A: Minitutorial
Session 7B: Formal Modeling
Session 8A: Scenarios II
Thomas A. Alspaugh, North Carolina State University
Annie I. Antón, North Carolina State University
Tiffany Barnes, North Carolina State University
Bradford W. Mott, North Carolina State University
pp. 142
Keynote Address 3
Session 10A: Nonfunctional Requirements
Session 10B: Minitutorial
Session 11A: Panel
Session 11B: Minitutorial
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