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Proceedings 2002 International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques. PACT 2002 (2002)
Charlottesville, VA, USA
Sept. 25, 2002 to Sept. 25, 2002
ISBN: 0-7695-1620-3
Reviewers (PDF)
pp. xvi
Keynote Address
Session 1: Data Parallelism and Threading
Samuel Larsen , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Emmett Witchel , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Saman Amarasinghe , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
pp. 18
Gautham K. Dorai , University of Maryland at College Park
Donald Yeung , University of Maryland at College Park
pp. 30
Session 2: Compiler Support for Architecture
Jaewook Shin , University of Southern California
Jacqueline Chame , University of Southern California
Mary W. Hall , University of Southern California
pp. 45
Jack Liu , Cognigine Corporation
Timothy Kong , Cognigine Corporation
Fred Chow , Cognigine Corporation
pp. 56
Xiaotong Zhuang , Georgia Institute of Technology
Santosh Pande , Georgia Institute of Technology
John S. Greenland Jr. , Green Hills Software, Inc.
pp. 68
Session 3: Program Characterization
Lieven Eeckhout , Ghent University
Hans Vandierendonck , Ghent University
Koen De Bosschere , Ghent University
pp. 83
Bernhard Scholz , Vienna University of Technology
Eduard Mehofer , University of Vienna
pp. 95
Eric S. Tune , University of California at San Diego
Dean M. Tullsen , University of California at San Diego
Brad Calder , University of California at San Diego
pp. 104
Keynote Address
Session 4: Power
Taliver Heath , Rutgers University
Eduardo Pinheiro , Rutgers University
Jerry Hom , Rutgers University
Ulrich Kremer , Rutgers University
Ricardo Bianchini , Rutgers University
pp. 121
L. Li , Pennsylvania State University
I. Kadayif , Pennsylvania State University
Y-F. Tsai , Pennsylvania State University
N. Vijaykrishnan , Pennsylvania State University
M. Kandemir , Pennsylvania State University
M. J. Irwin , Pennsylvania State University
A. Sivasubramaniam , Pennsylvania State University
pp. 131
Steve Dropsho , University of Rochester
Alper Buyuktosunoglu , University of Rochester
Rajeev Balasubramonian , University of Rochester
David H. Albonesi , University of Rochester
Sandhya Dwarkadas , University of Rochester
Greg Semeraro , University of Rochester
Grigorios Magklis , University of Rochester
Michael L. Scott , University of Rochester
pp. 141
Session 5: Prediction
Manuel E. Acacio , Universidad de Murcia
José González , Intel Barcelona Research Center
José M. García , Universidad de Murcia
José Duato , Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
pp. 155
Session 6: Memory Performance
Chris Gniady , Carnegie Mellon University
Babak Falsafi , Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 179
Daniel Ortega , Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña
Eduard Ayguadé , Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña
Jean-Loup Baer , University of Washington
Mateo Valero , Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña
pp. 189
Zhenlin Wang , University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Kathryn S. McKinley , University of Texas at Austin
Arnold L. Rosenberg , University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Charles C. Weems , University of Massachusetts at Amherst
pp. 199
Session 7: Memory Aliasing
Benjamin Goldberg , New York University
Emily Crutcher , New York University
Chad Huneycutt , Georgia Institute of Technology
Krishna Palem , Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 211
Manel Fernández , Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Roger Espasa , Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
pp. 222
Keynote Address
Session 8: Java and IA-64
Tatiana Shpeisman , Intel Labs
Guei-Yuan Lueh , Intel China Research Center
pp. 249
Kazuaki Ishizaki , IBM Research, Tokyo Research Laboratory
Tatsushi Inagaki , IBM Research, Tokyo Research Laboratory
Hideaki Komatsu , IBM Research, Tokyo Research Laboratory
Toshio Nakatani , IBM Research, Tokyo Research Laboratory
pp. 259
Session 9: Clustered Microarchitectures
Yi Qian , Michigan Technological University
Steve Carr , Michigan Technological University
Philip Sweany , Texas Instruments
pp. 271
Jesús Sánchez , UPC and Intel Barcelona Research Center
Antonio González , UPC and Intel Barcelona Research Center
David Kaeli , Northeastern University
pp. 281
Joan-Manuel Parcerisa , Universitat Polit?cnica de Catalunya
Julio Sahuquillo , Universitat Polit?cnica de Val?ncia
Antonio González , Universitat Polit?cnica de Catalunya and Intel Barcelona Research Center
José Duato , Universitat Polit?cnica de Val?ncia
pp. 291
SIGARCH Conference Guidelines
Author Index
Author Index (PDF)
pp. 305
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