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  • 2000
  • Eighth IEEE International Symposium on Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunications Systems (MASCOTS'00)
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Eighth IEEE International Symposium on Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunications Systems (MASCOTS'00)
San Francisco, California
August 29-September 01
ISBN: 0-7695-0728-X
Table of Contents
Invited Talk
Erol Gelenbe, University of Central Florida
Ricardo Lent, University of Central Florida
Zhiguang Xu, University of Central Florida
pp. 3
Performance Evaluation of WWW 1
Valeria Cardellini, University of Roma Tor Vergata
Michele Colajanni, University of Modena
Philip S. Yu, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
pp. 20
Wireless Systems and Protocols
Azzedine Boukerche, University of North Texas
Alessandro Fabbri, University of North Texas
Sajal K. Das, University of Texas at Arlington
pp. 65
Communication Systems 1
Carlos de M. Cordeiro, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
Djamel H. Sadok, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
Judith Kelner, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
Paulo da F. Pinto, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
pp. 85
Computer Systems
Jeffrey B. Rothman, Lyris Technologies, Inc.
Alan Jay Smith, University of California at Berkeley
pp. 124
Distributed Systems and Applications
Joseph L. Hellerstein, IBM-Thomas J. Watson Research Center
T.S. Jayram, IBM-Thomas J. Watson Research Center
Mark S. Squillante, IBM-Thomas J. Watson Research Center
pp. 164
Steven W. Carter, University of California at Santa Cruz
Darrell D.E. Long, University of California at Santa Cruz
Jehan-François Pâris, University of Houston
pp. 172
Workload Analysis
Darko Marinov, University of Belgrade
Davor Magdic, University of Belgrade
Aleksandar Melenkovic, University of Belgrade
Jelica Protic, University of Belgrade
Igor Tartalja, University of Belgrade
Veljko Milutinovic, University of Belgrade
pp. 207
Modeling and Simulation Techniques 1
Cheng-Fu Chou, University of Maryland at College Park
Leana Golubchik, University of Maryland at College Park
John C.S. Lui, Chinese University of Hong Kong
pp. 256
Tools Session 1: Performance
Dan Gunter, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Brian Tierney, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Brian Crowley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Mason Holding, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Jason Lee, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
pp. 267
Wen-Sheng Wang, San Francisco State University
Jozo J. Dujmovic, San Francisco State University
Walter Mathews, San Francisco State University
pp. 281
Network Modeling and Simulation 1
Xavier Molero, Universitat Polit?cnica de Val?ncia
Federico Silla, Universitat Polit?cnica de Val?ncia
Vicente Santonja, Universitat Polit?cnica de Val?ncia
José Duato, Universitat Polit?cnica de Val?ncia
pp. 307
Tools Session 2: Traffic
Hema Tahilramani Kaur, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
D. Manjunath, Indian Institute of Technology
Sanjay K. Bose, Indian Institute of Technology
pp. 341
Parallel and Distributed Simulation Techniques
Remo Suppi, University Autonoma of Barcelona
Fernando Cores, University Autonoma of Barcelona
Emilio Luque, University Autonoma of Barcelona
pp. 351
Gary Tan, National University of Singapore
Liang Xu, National University of Singapore
Farshad Moradi, National University of Singapore
Yusong Zhang, National University of Singapore
pp. 374
Tools Session 3: Simulation and Analysis
Yixin Zhao, Tsinghua University
Jianping Wu, Tsinghua University
Bin Yu, Tsinghua University
pp. 385
Network Modeling and Simulation 2
Å. Arvidsson, Ericsson Utvecklings AB
J. de Kock, University of Stellenbosch
A. Krzesinski, University of Stellenbosch
P. Taylor, University of Adelaide
pp. 424
QoS Modeling and Simulation
Robert Simon, George Mason University
Woan Sun Chang, George Mason University
Boris Jukic, George Mason University
pp. 457
João B.D. Cabrera, Scientific Systems Company
B. Ravichandran, Scientific Systems Company
Raman K. Mehra, Scientific Systems Company
pp. 466
Performance Evaluation of WWW 2
Communication Systems 2
George F. Riley, Georgia Institute of Technology
Mostafa H. Ammar, Georgia Institute of Technology
Richard Fujimoto, Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 524
Modeling and Simulation Techniques 2
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