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  • 16th Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (LICS'01)
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16th Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (LICS'01)
Boston, Massachusetts
June 16-June 19
ISBN: 0-7695-1281-X
Table of Contents
Invited Talk - Chair: Joseph Y. Halpern
J. Mitchell, Stanford University
A. Ramanathan, Stanford University
V. Teague, Stanford University
A. Scedrov, University of Pennsylvania
pp. 0003
Session 1 - Chair: Jean-Pierre Jouannaud
Aaron Stump, Stanford University
Clark W. Barrett, Stanford University
David L. Dill, Stanford University
Jeremy Levitt, 0-In Design Automation, Inc.
pp. 0029
Invited Talk - Chair: Jean-Pierre Jouannaud
Session 2 - Chair: Pawel Urzyczyn
Session 3 - Chair: Radha Jaghadeesan
Invited Talk - Chair: Gordon Plotkin
Session 4 - Chair: Michel de Rougemont
Invited Talk - Chair: Erich Graedel
The Engineering Challenge for Logic
Session 5 - Chair: Erich Graedel
David A. Mix Barrington, University of Massachusetts
Neil Immerman, University of Massachusetts
Clemens Lautemann, Johannes Gutenberg-Universit?t Mainz
Nicole Schweikardt, Johannes Gutenberg-Universit?t Mainz
Denis Thérien, McGill University
pp. 0187
Session 6 - Chair: Nevin Heintze
Short Paper Session - Chair: Joseph Y. Halpern
The Dolev-Yaho Intruder is the Most Powerful Attacker
Semantics of machine Instructions at Multiple Levels of Abstraction
A proof-Carrying Authorization System
Recursive Programming Languages for Complexity Classes
Interior-Point Approach to Parity Games
Recent Progress in Proof Mining
On the Complexity of Confluence for Ground Rewrite Systems
Computing the Density of Regular Languages
Integrating Simplification Techniques in SAT Algorithms
Basic Completion Modulo with Simplification
Finite Visit Sequential Deterministic Tree Automata
Invited Talk - Chair: Ron van der Meyden
Session 7 - Chair: Parosh Abdulla
Session 8 - Chair: Adolfo Piperno
Session 9 - Chair: Hubert Comon
Short Papers
Self-Verifying Systems, the Incompleteness Theorem and the Tangibility Reflection Principle
Repairing the Interpolation Theorem in First-Order Modal Logic
A Game involving Epistemic Logic and Probability
A Theory of Advanced Transactions in the Situation Calculus
Invited Talk - Chair: Michel de Rougemont
Session 10 - Chair: Rance Cleaveland
Ahmed Bouajjani, LIAFA, Universit? Paris VII
Anca Muscholl, LIAFA, Universit? Paris VII
Tayssir Touili, LIAFA, Universit? Paris VII
pp. 0399
Glenn Bruns, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies
Patrice Godefroid, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies
pp. 0409
Session 11 - Chair: Ron van der Meyden
Noga Alon, Tel Aviv University
Tova Milo, Tel Aviv University
Frank Neven, Limburgs Universitair Centrum
Dan Suciu, University of Washington
Victor Vianu, U.C. San Diego
pp. 0421
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