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2011 Third International Conference on Knowledge and Systems Engineering
Gazing and Frowning to Computers Can Be Enjoyable
Hanoi, Vietnam
October 14-October 17
ISBN: 978-0-7695-4567-7
The present aim is to introduce first results of a new wearable prototype called Face Interface. The prototype was developed to carry both a video-based wearable eye tracker for pointing and a capacitive facial movement detector for selecting objects on a computer screen. The functionality of the prototype was evaluated in a controlled laboratory conditions in pointing and selecting tasks with three target diameters and three pointing distances. Also subjective ratings about the use of the device in interaction were collected. Participants achieved a mean pointing task time of 2.5 seconds with the prototype. This was improved to 1.2 seconds on average when the wearable eye tracker of the prototype was substituted by a commercial desktop eye tracker. The results revealed that target selection using the Face Interface prototype followed the Fitts' law with correlation of r = 0.76. The participants rated the use of the prototype as enjoyable, fast and accurate.
Index Terms:
eye tracking, facial muscle movement, human-computer interaction, Fitts' law
Outi Tuisku, Veikko Surakka, Yulia Gizatdinova, Toni Vanhala, Ville Rantanen, Jarmo Verho, Jukka Lekkala, "Gazing and Frowning to Computers Can Be Enjoyable," kse, pp.211-218, 2011 Third International Conference on Knowledge and Systems Engineering, 2011
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