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1998 International Workshop on Innovative Architecture
Maui, Hawaii
October 26-October 28
ISBN: 0-7695-0125-7
Table of Contents
Measuring, Understanding, and Optimizing Application and System Performance
Olaf Lubeck, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Adolfy Hoisie, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Federico Bassetti, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Kirk Cameron, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Yong Luo, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Harvey Wasserman, Los Alamos National Laboratory
pp. 3
Yutaka Akiyama, Real World Computing Partnership
Kentaro Onizuka, Real World Computing Partnership
Tamotsu Noguchi, Real World Computing Partnership
Makoto Ando, Real World Computing Partnership
pp. 27
Prediction and Speculative Execution
Kanemitsu Ootsu, Utsunomiya University
Wataru Yoshinari, Utsunomiya University
Fumihito Furukawa, Utsunomiya University
Tsutomu Yoshinaga, Utsunomiya University
Takanobu Baba, Utsunomiya University
pp. 46
Toshinori Sato, Toshiba Microelectronics Engineering Laboratory
pp. 53
Hardware/Software Interaction in Architecture Design
Amir Roth, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Gurindar S. Sohi, University of Wisconsin at Madison
pp. 71
J.E. Smith, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Subramanya Sastry, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Timothy Heil, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Todd M. Bezenek, University of Wisconsin at Madison
pp. 77
Aart J.C. Bik, Intel Corporation
Milind Girkar, Intel Corporation
Mohammad R. Haghighat, Intel Corporation
pp. 87
Shigeru Kusakabe, Kyushu University
Kentaro Inenaga, Kyushu University
Makoto Amamiya, Kyushu University
Xinan Tang, University of Delaware
Andres Marquez, University of Delaware
Guang R. Gao, University of Delaware
pp. 95
Parallel System Architecture
Yasushi Kanoh, NEC Corporation
Tetsuya Hirose, NEC Corporation
Masaaki Nakamura, NEC Corporation
Takeo Hosomi, NEC Corporation
Kosuke Tatsukawa, NEC Corporation
Hiroyuki Araki, NEC Corporation
Tomoyoshi Sugawara, NEC Corporation
Toshiyuki Nakata, NEC Corporation
pp. 105
Shoichi Saito, Wakayama University
Tetsutaro Uehara, Wakayama University
Kazuki Joe, Wakayama University
Yoshitoshi Kunieda, Wakayama University
pp. 114
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