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  • Third IEEE Symposium on Computers & Communications
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Third IEEE Symposium on Computers & Communications
Athens, Greece
June 30-July 02
ISBN: 0-8186-8538-7
Table of Contents
Session 1
Session 2: Traffic Management in ATM Networks
Session 3: Communication Theory I
Session 4: Routing I
Session 5: Wireless Networks
Session 6: Resource Management in ATM Networks
VPN Design Scheme and Service Control in Public ATM Networks
Session 7: Communication Theory II
Session 8: Network Management I
Session 9: Multicasting
Session 10: ATM Network Monitoring and Performance Testing
Session 11: Algorithms for Network Design I
Session 12: Distributed and Parallel Processing I
Session 13: Wireless DECT Networks
Session 14
Session 15: Congestion Control in ATM Networks
Session 16: Software Techniques
Session 17: Multimedia Applications
Session 18: Network Mobility
Session 19: ATM Interworking
The Study and Implementation of Interworking Between B-ISDN and N-ISDN
Session 20: Integrated Switch Architectures I
Session 21: Electronic Commerce
Session 22: Wireless CDMA Networks
The Impact of Repeaters on CDMA System Performance
Session 23: Optical Networks
Session 24: Integrated Switch Architectures II
Session 25: Routing II
Session 26: Wireless ATM Networks
Session 27
Session 28
Session 29: Scheduling and Flow Control in ATM Networks
Session 30: Methods and Tools for Networks
Session 31: Internet Networking
Session 32: Broadband Transport Systems
Session 33: Buffer Management in ATM Networks
Session 34: Digital Signal Processing
Session 35: Distributed and Parallel Processing II
Session 36: Wireless Routing
Session 37: Fault Tolerance and Network Reliability
Session 38: Algorithms for Network Design II
Session 39: Network Management II
Session 40: Cellular Wireless Networks
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