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1999 IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization (InfoVis '99)
San Francisco, California
October 24-October 29
ISBN: 0-7695-0431-0
Table of Contents
Understanding Time Dependent & Evolving Information
Jarke J. Van Wijk, Eindhoven University of Technology
Edward R. Van Selow, Netherlands Energy Research Foundation ECN
pp. 4
Chris Stolte, Stanford University
Robert Bosch, Stanford University
Pat Hanrahan, Stanford University
Mendel Rosenblum, Stanford University
pp. 10
Evaluation & Design of Visualization Systems
Staffan Björk, The Viktoria Institute
Lars Erik Holmquist, The Viktoria Institute
Johan Redström, The Viktoria Institute
pp. 53
Investigating Hierarchies & Graphs
Ying-Huey Fua, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Matthew O. Ward, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Elke A. Rundensteiner, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
pp. 58
Techniques for Broad-Scope Problems
Mark Derthick, Carnegie Mellon University
James Harrison, Carnegie Mellon University
Andrew Moore, Carnegie Mellon University
Steven F. Roth, Carnegie Mellon University
pp. 84
Michael Higgins, MAYA Design Group, Inc.
Peter Lucas, MAYA Design Group, Inc.
Jeffrey Senn, MAYA Design Group, Inc.
pp. 100
Data Mining & High Dimensional Visualization
Pak Chung Wong, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Paul Whitney, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Jim Thomas, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
pp. 120
Ming Hao, Hewlett Packard Research Laboratories
Umesh Dayal, Hewlett Packard Research Laboratories
Meichun Hsu, Hewlett Packard Research Laboratories
Jim Baker, Hewlett Packard Research Laboratories
Bob Deletto, Hewlett Packard Research Laboratories
pp. 124
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