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IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS'04)
Manners Externalize Semantics for On-demand Composition of Context-aware Services
San Diego, California
June 06-June 09
ISBN: 0-7695-2167-3
Ali Arsanjani, Maharishi University of Management
Francisco Curbera, IBM Research
Nirmal Mukhi, IBM Research
Architectural mismatch [Architectural Mismatch, or, Why it's hard to build systems out of existing parts]; the semantic and syntactic gap preventing component composition, can be partially alleviated through the ubiquity of the protocols for service composition (syntax). And yet, the semantics of service or component composition have remained elusive. The contribution of this paper builds on the notions introduced by grammar-oriented object design (GOOD) using the notion of manners to specify the semantics of services and drive their automated composition through dynamically re-configure architectures enabled through GOOD. This leads to the use of manners for explicit service semantics representation in a re-configurable architectural style. We describe the base requirements for automated component and services composition and show how automated assembly of components and services can be accomplished through a dynamically reconfigurable (DyRec) architectural style.
In addition, we show how this vision of dynamic reconfiguration is naturally supported by the Web services framework, because it derives from some of the core requirements of the Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) style embodied by Web services. Further, we discuss how such a DyRec architectural style can be implemented using grammar-oriented object design (GOOD) and describe a project that led to a tool called the Business Compiler, to accomplish dynamic composition and collaboration.
Index Terms:
Manners, service composition, service-oriented architecture, component-based software engineering, Grammar-oriented object design, context-aware components, on-demand computing, dynamically reconfigurable software architecture
Ali Arsanjani, Francisco Curbera, Nirmal Mukhi, "Manners Externalize Semantics for On-demand Composition of Context-aware Services," icws, pp.583, IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS'04), 2004
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