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2010 International Conference on Service Sciences
Rough Sets Based Context-Aware Service Discovery Framework
Hangzhou, Zhejiang China
May 13-May 14
ISBN: 978-0-7695-4017-7
Service discovery is one of the key tasks in SOA, locating a particular or a series of services by matching a user query with service advertisement in service repository. It’s crucial to the automation and intelligence of service invocation, achieving better user-experience of QoS. However, key-word based syntactic matchmaker currently fails to provide a satisfied service discovery mechanism. Therefore, this paper proposes a RS-CASD (Rough Set-based Context-Aware Service Discovery) Framework that explores context information and ontology model to semantically enhance the user query and service advertisement for more fulfilled service discovery. Rough set theory is applied to deal with inexact or uncertain functional and contextual properties and extraction of context rules from historical records.
Index Terms:
Service Discovery, Rough sets, Context Aware, Semantic, Ontology-based model
Lian Yu, Shan Luo, Arne Glenstrup, "Rough Sets Based Context-Aware Service Discovery Framework," icss, pp.167-172, 2010 International Conference on Service Sciences, 2010
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