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  • 13th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR'96) - Volume 4
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13th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR'96) - Volume 4
Vienna, Austria
August 25-August 29
ISBN: 0-8186-7282-X
Table of Contents
Session D6M: Interpolation
Session D6A: Robotics, Navigation and Action
Christian Zanardi, ?cole Polytechnique, Montr?al, Canada
Paul Cohen, ?cole Polytechnique, Montr?al, Canada
Jean-Yves Hemv?, ?cole Polytechnique, Montr?al, Canada
pp. 40
Session D6E: Object Recognition
Session D7M: Self Organization and Relaxation
Session D70: Object Recognition
Session D71: Memory
Session D72: Neural Networks and Statistics
Session D7A: Neural Networks and Statistics
Session D7E: Memory and Reinforcement Learning
Session D8M: Feature Detection and Grouping
Session D80: Segmentation and Clustering
Session D81: Robotics Navigation + Action
Session D82: Document Analysis/Handwriting
Session D8A: Neural Networks and Segmentation/Clustering
Session D8E: Handwritten Character Recognition
Session D9M: Genetic Algorithm and Biological Models
Session D90: Learning to Use Formal Languages
Session D91: Architectures
Session D92: Interpolation
Session D93: Biological Models/Genetic Algorithms
Session D9A: Architectures and Distributed Algorithms
Session D9E: Attention, Learning and Vision
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