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  • 6th International Workshop on Program Comprehension
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6th International Workshop on Program Comprehension
Ischia, Italy
June 24-June 26
ISBN: 0-8186-8560-3
Table of Contents
Tutorial: The Year 2000: Leveraging Lessons Learned
Paper Session I: Visualization: Chair: P. Linos, Tennessee Technological University
Paper Session II: Architecture: Chair: D. Smith, Software Engineering Institute
Paper Session III: Integration Frameworks: Chair: S. Tilley, Software Engineering Institute
Paper Session IV: Comprehension Strategies: Chair: G. Canfora, University of Sannio
Keynote Speech: Human Cognition of Complex Thought Patterns - How Much is our Perception of the Present Determined by our Experience of the Past
Paper Session V: Parsing: Chair: G. Antoniol, IRST
Paper Session VI: Decomposition: Chair: C. Boldyreff, University of Durham
Working Session I: Cognitive Aspects
Working Session II: Support Mechanisms
Working Session III: Maturing the Practice
Paper Session VII: Empirical Studies: Chair: A. Quilici, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Paper Session VIII: Program Analysis: Chair: C. Cifuentes, University of Queensland
Working Session IV: Leveraging the Web
Working Session V: Black-Box Understanding
Working Session VI: The Year 2000 Problem
Working Session Reports
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