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35th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS'02)-Volume 6
Big Island, Hawaii
January 07-January 10
ISBN: 0-7695-1435-9
This research paper presents a new system's design and development of the prescription order communication system (POCS) based on the Internet between the hospital and the pharmacy, on the public-key infrastructure, and on the concurrently parallel co-operation with both medical professional's and patient's smart cards in the 2-way type terminal under the synchronized status. Concurrently parallel co-operation method at the synchronized status has been proposed in order to merge the digital signature generated by a medical professional with a patient's prescription data. The digital signatures written by the medical doctors and pharmacists holding and using their individually master smart cards are applied to all contents of the prescription stored on a patient's slave smart card at the synchronized status in the 2-way type terminal. Therefore, digital signatures for all prescriptions stored on the smart card in the developed prototype system should effectively be used to prevent being altered, forged, and reused by unauthorized users and being repudiated by medical professionals.
Index Terms:
Healthcare Information System, Smart Card, Internet, Public-Key Infrastructure, Digital Signature, 2-Way Type Terminal
W. Song, B. Ahn, "Secure Transmission of the Prescription Order Communication System Based on the Internet and the Public-Key Infrastructure Using Master Smart Cards in the 2-Way Type Terminal," hicss, vol. 6, pp.156b, 35th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS'02)-Volume 6, 2002
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