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  • Fourth Symposium on Human Interaction with Complex Systems
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Fourth Symposium on Human Interaction with Complex Systems
Dayton, Ohio
March 22-March 25
ISBN: 0-8186-8341-4
Table of Contents
Keynote Address: Annelise Pejtersen, RISO National Lab
The Complex Interaction between Field Studies, Laboratory Experiments and System Design
Session 1: Perspectives on Cognitive Systems
Panel: Function Integration
By Design, Adaptation, or Accident?
Keynote Address
Session 2: Aerospace Systems
Philip J. Smith, Ohio State University
Rebecca Denning, Ohio State University
Jodi Heintz Obradovich, Ohio State University
Steve Caisse, Airline Dispatchers Federation
Carla Beck, Airline Dispatchers Federation
C. Elaine McCoy, Ohio University
Judith Orasanu, NASA Ames Research Center
pp. 48
Session 3: Interfaces - Design
Asaf Degani, NASA Ames Research Center
Alex Kirlik, Georgia Institute of Technology
pp. 112
Session 4: Interfaces - Controls
Lawrence J. Hettinger, Logicon Technical Services, Inc.
Robert S. Tannen, Logicon Technical Services, Inc.
Eric E. Geiselman, Logicon Technical Services, Inc.
Bart J. Brickman, Logicon Technical Services, Inc.
Brian W. Moroney, Logicon Technical Services, Inc.
Michael W. Haas, Air Force Research Laboratory
pp. 131
Metacognitive Systems Engineering: Thinking Critically about CSE
Session 5: Decision Support Systems
Panel: Human Interactions with Heterogeneous Information Sources
What Can and What Can't be Learned from Self-Reported Errors?
Human-Centered Design of Battle Command Systems
Session 6: Usability and Individual Differences
Poster Session
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